"Arguably one of the best metal tracks that I've ever received on BBC Introducing" -Christian Carlisle, BBC Radio Introducing

"Absolutely incredible track"   - Christian Carlisle, BBC Radio Introducing

Empusa are a 5 piece metal band from Chesterfield and Derby, UK. Empusa have gone on to make some memorable moments throughout their musical career to date.

Empusa have supported popular bands such as Osiah, Human Error, Shields, InVisions, Kingdom of Giants, Oceans Ate Alaska, Diamond Head, Lost Society, Madball and most recently, Sworn Amongst and Incite.

Empusa gained acclaim from radio stations globally with their debut single, "Envy the Dead." The popular track has been aired in Australia, the USA, across Europe and the UK, most notably BBC Introducing.

In late 2019, Empusa released their EP single, "Black Lungs." Black Lungs was released accompanied with a music video and was aird on Beheading the Traitor's YouTube channel. Black Lungs also received global acclaim after hours of radio air time, in Australia, the USA, across Europe and the UK. Petrified has also had air time, both in Australia and BBC radio Introducing in the UK.

Empusa then released their debut EP, "Pathogen." The EP was promoted with shows around the UK, performing to new and familiar audiences.

Empusa have amassed around 10,000 streams on just YouTube and Spotify alone in multiple countries. Having only 6 songs released, Empusa feel as though this is an incredible feat.

Empusa will be performing Hammerfest 13 in 2021.